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Accepting applications for retail employment in the following experienced positions:

antique dealer

appliance store manager

area manager - retail store chain

art dealer

art gallery manager - retail

assistant department manager - retail

assistant manager - retail

assistant manager, travel agency

audio equipment store manager

auto dealership manager                                                          

auto glass repair shop manager

automobile repair garage manager

automobile repair shop manager

automobile servicing manager

auto rustproofing shop manager

bakery department manager

bakery manager - retail

beer store manager

bicycle shop manager

bird seller

bookstore manager

brake shop manager

branch manager - retail

camera store manager

car dealer

car dealership manager

car leasing branch manager

clothing store manager

coin dealer

computer products dealer - retail

computer products store manager

confectionery department manager - retail

confectionery manager

convenience store manager

customer service manager - automobiles

customer service manager - retail

customer service managing supervisor

custom tailoring shop manager

dealer, antiques

dealer - retail

delicatessen department manager - retail

department manager - department store

department manager - retail

department store manager

dispensing opticians office manager

drugstore manager

electronic products store manager

fabric store manager

flea market concession operator

flea market manager

floor coverings and draperies store manager

floor manager - retail

flower shop manager

flower store manager

food store department manager - retail

food store manager

fruits and vegetables manager - retail

furniture store manager

garage manager, automobile repairs

garden centre manager - retail

gas station manager

general store manag

gift shop manager


management trainee - retail

manager, custom tailoring shop

manager, department store

manager, pharmacy department - retail

manager, photographic studio

manager, retail sales

manager - retail store chain

manager trainee - retail

manager, wholesale establishment

managing supervisor, customer service

managing supervisor - retail

meat department manager - food store

meat department manager - retail

motor vehicle repair shop manager

muffler shop manager


office supplies store manager

owner, retail store

paint store manager

television and stereo equipment store manager

tire dealer

tour and travel manager

toy store manager

travel agency assistant manager

travel agency manager

variety store manager

video rental store manager

video store manager

wholesale establishment manager

wine store manager

jewellery store manager

leather goods and clothing store manager

liquor store manager

parking garage operator

parking lot operator

parts manager - retail


pet store manager

pharmacy department manager - retail

pharmacy manager - retail


photographic equipment store manager

photographic studio manager

pleasure boat dealer

produce manager - retail

record store manager


retail sales manager

retail sales manager - e-commerce

retail store owner

salvage dealer

section manager - retail

service manager - retail

service station manager

ship chandler

shoe store manager

shop manager

sporting goods store manager

stamp dealer

stationery store manager

stereo equipment store manager

store manager - retail

supermarket manager

concession holder

concession manager

hardware store manager